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‘If you think something through hard enough, you’ll get to the inevitable answer.’

(Steve Jobs)

Innovation Services

Leika Consult provides strategy and executive services that help companies and their value chain partners to shape, develop and implement their future.


1: Assessments and Analyses

2: Concepts and Plans

3: Strategy Development

Executive Services

1: Incubation

2: Business Development

3: Implementation

Leika Consult has executed over 50 projects and management consulting assignments with first hand experience in all project roles, spanning all development phases form idea creation up to implementation in a wide variety of markets.


First hand experience with all roles in a wide range of projects.

Sponsor or Program/project Owner
Program/project manager
Project member
Business advisor

Development phases

From business opportunity to strategy. From idea up to implementation.

Saying “stop” in time is at least as important as perseverance.
Understanding key developments within and around the company.
Proponent of Strategy driven BD.


Value to your Business: Cross Industry Knowledge and in-depth expertise

Industry & Services
FI’s & Financial Services
Wholesale & Value Added Logistics

Selection of assignment providers

Red Planet Dust Blog


Red Planet Dust is a blog created by Jan Willem Mars. I want to ponder about – and share about – a wide range of topics and developments which have caught my personal or professional interest.

I firmly believe nobody is helped with “sound bites”, not in politics, not in journalism, not in business. Reality is much too complex for that. This is a key aspect in my professional life, I am not following the fashions of the day, or use one-liner consultancy speak but try to get down to the core of the issues at hand to understand the underlying complexities, dynamics and correlations Involved.

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A Living Resource

Often existing articles are updated with new information, links or comments. As Red Planet Dust is developing it becomes more of a cross over between a wiki type resource and an archive of articles referring to each other where relevant.

Threads of posts are clustered in series and landing pages. For your convenience a Blog Index is available to find your topics of interest.

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