Schermafbeelding 2013-03-01 om 21.24.19Whether Bitcoin will hit the mainstream still remains to be seen, but if it wants to it has to become much more easy to be set up and used. Setting up a wallet, buying Bitcoins and then send them to somebody else is not easy enough to be able to be used by “Joe Average”. If people are going to complain about the length of the IBAN bank account number then a Bitcoin wallet number will scare them away for ever.

A new transaction mechanism is introduced by which allows to send bitcoins via Twitter. It resembles PayPal in the sense that an account is set up linked to your Twitter account instead of your email address. Bitcointipper makes it easy to send bitcoin value to others is several ways: addressing the payee is as easy as typing their twitter name (i.e. instead of getting their wallet number) , the amount of people/companies addressable is huge. integration in mobile is set and done due to twitter integration. You will trade in your anonymity using Bitcoin via Twitter as a consequence.

This type of innovation is bringing Bitcoin closer to the point where it can be used as a mainstream currency.

NB At the moment Bitcoin Tipper is not able to handle the amount of requests for new accounts.

via Finextra: Bitcoin Tipper lets users tweet virtual currency