Gore CoversizedIn an earlier post I stated that we are changing due to the effects of placing our memory outside of our brains (aka “exomemory”) and suggested that is even taking place with parts of our thinking itself (what I called “exothought”). This will have a profound effect on how we collaborate in business (micro) but also how we collaborate both explicitly and implicitly in society (macro).

This adaptation to technology is not a new phenomenon. When we ride a bicycle our brain is treating the bike the same as your own limps! Maybe there is a term for this already but lets call this an “exolimp”.

Al Gore has written a book on how the Internet is changing the way we think: “The Future, six drivers of global change”. For a concise introduction please read:
Marshall McLuhan via Al Gore on How the Internet is Changing the Way We Think – Al Gore – The Atlantic.

To understand today’s trends a real apprehension of what we are as humans and how we change is crucial.