MarsSome of the topics I want to discover, uncover and cover at Red Planet Dust, like strategy and scalability, are getting more profiled by the day (but still only scratching the surface). Others, like business development and standardisation are not mentioned yet for I need to lay a base of understanding and references first. With time the posts on these combined topics will grow to form a bigger story, like pieces of a puzzle.

I have some ideas, theories if you want, on the workings of companies (micro) and our economic environment (macro) I want to explore. Along the way I can share some of my professional experiences and thoughts that might be helpful to others. (NB Not all posts on Red Planet Dust are related to this bigger story)

To use a blog for this endeavour is not a logical choice at first sight. I am not even certain if it is possible at all. How do you connect the pieces in such a way that others can see the whole picture instead of the single pieces one by one? How can the reader appreciate a single post without the context of the others? Readers will read the latest post(s); how can they be handed the knowledge already gathered at Red Planet Dust that is useful in appreciating the content, which often builds on previous ones in front of him/her?

At the same time a blog is an engaging environment, it allows others to react on it during the process, and it makes me focus on all those smaller topics that need to be covered anyway. It allows me to build without a strict agenda, to connect with the interesting stories of the day as to make it relevant and “linked to” real life. It allows me to write about what I feel writing about at that moment in time.

I will be experimenting with summary posts, smart categories and additional linking to help the reader, and myself for that matter, to keep an overview and allow absorbing the bigger picture if the reader would like to.

Every post needs to convey a single piece of the puzzle/message, and there are many pieces of the puzzle that need to be covered. Let’s just see where this journey is heading.

See my initial thoughts on blogging (part 1) here.