Aggregation of news and articles is done in a variety of ways. Actually we are bombarded with excerpts, daily or weekly digests and use all type of apps to keep track of interesting stuff. The moderation of the feeds (or timelines) is done by crowd sourcing (likes) and all kinds of algorithms and by humans hand picking what they think worth while sharing.

I use, amongst others, Flipboard to scan news on various topics, others use Hootsuite or NewsNetwire etc.

Flipboard now features the ability to create your own “magazine”. While experimenting with the distribution of Red Planet Dust content I started the magazine Red Planet Dust, Investigations into human collaboration. NB To read the magazine you will need to have the app on Apple or Android.

Additions to the blog here will be copied to the magazine at Flipboard with the addition of full articles I think are worthwhile reading and to place them on their own on front row (NB instead of behind links and an occasional quote-box on the blog here).