Next week I will have an opportunity to present my evolving ideas on collaborability during a guest lecture at Twente University. When I initially discussed the content of my lecture with the faculty I suggested to cover two topics: Homo Collaborans and my evolving theory on collaborability and, to at least offer the students some “solid” stuff the developing world of payments. To me these two subjects are related, but I expect it will need some explanation before others will probably see the direct link too.

I saw the second part on payments more as a way to legitimize me giving the lecture, while creating an opportunity for myself to present my ideas. As payments are about money and are today very dependent on IT, and finance is about money – hence payments – and also heavily dependent on IT to me this is a subject that should be interesting for a master course on “IT in Finance”.

At some point I did find it unsatisfactory to not have an “easy” explanation on how the two parts of the lecture are related and came up with this:

  • Homo Collaborans: The essence of man is collaboration
  • The ability to collaborate (“collaborability”) is fuelling specialisation
  • Specialisation is based on exchange
  • Exchange is based on money
  • Money is exchanged by payments

Regular readers may now recognise some pieces of the puzzle presented by my postings here at Red Planet Dust.