the-tower-of-babelLanguages are key to collaborate. It is therefor listed as a “Collaborability Mechanism” in my collaborability model. The ability to speak/understand multiple languages is increasing the ability to collaborate. For a human to learn an additional language takes years at school. Also here we see now the advances made in computing power, our understanding of languages and incorporating contextual understanding taking effect. These type of tools are directly increasing the ability of people to collaborate. Maybe even lowering the need to learn additional languages at school. It is not hard anymore to envision us talk to anybody in our mother tongue instantly translated and synthesized with your own voice into Chinese, or any other language.

Microsoft is the latest contender to step into this domain:

A Window to the World, Bing Translator App for Windows Now Available – Search Blog.

Well Microsoft still has some work to do: (Via Henk Hofmans)