With this regularly returning blog-post I will list the articles used in Red Planet Dust posts and cross publish articles I have flipped at Flipboard for your enjoyment. I will categorise them per RPD post:

RPD Blogpost: Tesla; A Threat For Our Social Fabric Or An Opportunity For A Cleaner World?

RPD Blogpost:“Scalability” And The Uneven “Dispersion” Of Collaborability

RPD Blogpost: Trading with the speed of light; it is possible but is it desirable?

Additionally flipped at Flipboard recently:

NB: Many Red Planet Dust posts contain links to – in my view – very interesting articles and video’s from all over the web. Most of the times I only link to them supporting what is stipulated in the RPD blog entry. The articles are not getting the proper attention they deserve. The majority of these articles are “flipped” to the Red Planet Dust magazine at Flipboard. (tablet and smartphone app). The first summary post can be found here.