The last week I have been rather quite in posting at Red Planet Dust. The main reason is that I am compiling an introductory text on Homo Collaborans and the Collaborability Model. This paper “Collaborability, a theory on Human Collaboration” is meant to describe my core notions and will in first instance be targeted as a reference document when inviting others to contribute from various disciplinary angles.

Even though I can make use of lots of the stuff available at Red Planet Dust and having my guest lecture presentation from Twente University from a few weeks ago as a guide it takes lots of work to create the document at the expense of my time and energy available for posting here.

I hope to be able to have the document available for distribution at the end of next week, the latest. It will be made available at this blog and I will send it out via mail to people that have shown interest. My plan is to wait for feedback and then to start using the text to invite others to start contributing to or challenging my “theory”.

In the meantime various talks have resulted in the request to use the model for specific “practical” purposes. This is not so much expanding the conceptual wealth of the model but to create examples of practical relevance of the insights available, even though I can imagine a feedback loop will occur that will enrich the model and its descriptions itself.

I will just repeat a quote I have used before from an editorial comment in the Scientific American from December 2012:

“Anyone can have a bright idea, but it takes considerable brainpower (and hard work) to figure out how to transfer an enticing notion into a practical product or process that can improve people’s lives.”

I am making small strides but the end goal remains to create something that can be used in a practical sense.