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tnw it is the bitcoin stupidAs with Marc Andreessen’s article “Why bitcoin matters” from three weeks ago I can recommend an other landmark article on crypto currency and its potential for our society: Bitcoin: It’s the platform, not the currency, stupid! (The Next Web) by Sander Duivestein and Patrick Savalle.

Sometimes you read an article that brings it all together. I have to admit with a little envy that I would have loved to have been able to write it myself. Not that I do agree with everything but it covers many topics discussed here at RPD in a coherent way.

My perspective is not that of a specific “tool” even if it is as big a subject as Duivestein and Savalle are tackling but to what it will mean for our ability (and potential) to collaborate. Collaboration being the essence of man in my eyes. I have dubbed us therefore “Homo Collaborans“.

I do have a different perspective but touching so many aspects and also along the lines of content and spirit of the posts I have posted at RPD is at least a reason to study this article more closely. I will post my comments on the article in the coming days.

My first comment is about: Trust is key for cryptocurrencies.

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