Once in a while I listen to Daring Fireballs’ podcast The Talk Show by John Gruber. Walking to my office today I started to listen to episode #74, I kept on listening a long time after I arrived. John is talking to Glenn Fleishman on Bitcoin.

The first part is very informative to get to grasps with the idiosyncrasies of Bitcoin’s basics. The second part is about how bitcoin can fit in to our transaction environment elaborating on the essence of money. Needless to say it touches upon many aspects discussed here at RPD. Glenns’s outlook on what cryptocurrencies is about and what it could become are quite similar to mine.

Fleisman at 1.43:30:

Bitcoin and system like bitcoin … or something like it will be incorporated into the banking and transactions system if not into our currency system. Because of this property of the cryptographic nature of it prevents a whole lot of bad behavior. It prevents double spending, counterfeiting… it allows for legitimacy and ownership.

If you want an audible introduction into bitcoin and its significance, or if you want to be triggered to broaden your perspective on the significance and potential of crypto currencies I can recommend listening to:
The Talk Show #74 „Heart of a Gambler” (7 March 2014): John Gruber talks to Glenn Fleishman on Bitcoin.

The parts relevant can be found:
26:25 – 58:35: Bitcoin basics neatly explained
1:01:35 – 1:55:10: „money is not gravity” or bitcoins’ potential