leap-motion100 years ago Lev Termin, a brilliant Russian inventor invented the theramin. It is a music instrument that can be played by moving your hands in the air. It was magical then and it is magical now. (See last video in this post.) Today we can do the same with the Leap motion sensor and the Muse app. Even the type of music is the same…weird.

A good read on Lev Thermin: “Our Comrade The Electron” – Webstock Conference Talk by Maciej Ceglowski. I liked Maciej take on the development of technology and how we have to relate to it as well, so a double reason to read his article. I took the liberty of summarizing his points in: Technology, government and incongruous prophesies revisited

Our technological means change, but our aims stay mostly the same. Muse playing like a theramin is a pars pro toto. Figuratively speaking we keep on playing the same music with the same refrains but with different instruments. In this case literally.

Via TNW: Leap Motion’s new Muse app lets you create music with in-air hand gestures

BT and the Search for New Sound from Leap Motion on Vimeo.

Muse Tutorial from boulangerlabs on Vimeo.

Lev playing the theremin: