In my post earlier this week “Will Apple-Pay prove to be a dud in EU?” I stated that I expected apple to keep NFC exclusive to themselves.

(via Macrumors) Cult of mac reports: Apple confirms iPhone 6 NFC chip is restricted to Apple Pay

Especially value chains based on the dominant platforms and ecosystems of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, but also Amazon is to be considered here, have created transactional exchanges between individuals and companies alike based on harmonized use, rules, communication and distribution of which banks have largely been left on the side. These platforms typically mandate a common technical standard and interface framework. Its allows third parties who adhere to the uniform rules, to develop applications under a well-defined set of rules on roles, liabilities, dispute management and revenue splits.

As inclusive payment transactions are central to the business and earnings model of the closed ecosystems it is most likely that, unless regulators step in, third parties will not be allowed in by the (closed) app based platforms in the foreseeable future.

At the same time Google Wallet, Amazon and Apple will leverage their platforms and ecosystems to offer payment services in the „brick and mortar” (POS) world and in P2P situations.