3 06, 2014

A great talk on the development of the commercial internet

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Various themes are combined by Maciej Ceglowski into a thoughtful, though bleak, talk on the development of the commercial internet: "The Internet with a human face" delivered at the Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference

31 03, 2014

Why to worry even more about service throttling by Google then Facebook

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Search is basic to the Internet and to be considered a utility function. Without „search” no find. "Degraded links" are hurting society as a whole and should be banned.

25 03, 2014

„Has Google lowered my page rankings deliberately?”

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What if companies like Google, or banks, start throttling their services and pricing dependent on if you are positive or negative about them or if you accept their latest offering?

10 02, 2014

Apple bigger threat to Bitcoin then Russia, China and India?

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Often antitrust is connected to behaviour in the disadvantage of competitors – and hence the dis-economies this brings for consumers – we should have a wider perspective at the (potential) negative impact companies have on society. Slowly but surely we should start looking at the disadvantages to society’s ability to collaborate as well.

29 01, 2014

Why do we not stop Google while we still can?

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(4 minutes reading time, Note by author: this is a highly opinionated post) Some weeks ago Google announced the acquisition of Nest. For those who do not know Nest and [...]

24 06, 2013

Trading with the speed of light: is it desirable?

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A regularly recurring theme at Red Planet Dust is the impact of IT-driven trends on decision-making and robosourcing, marketplaces and exchanges. "High Frequency Trading" is an exemplary example were technology [...]