26 06, 2015

Language as a “social technology”

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Via Flipboard I read an article “Why we speak” from Mark Pagel writing for the The Atlantic on the crucial role of language in our ability to trade. It offers [...]

19 02, 2015

“Collective learning” fits collaborability nicely

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I have been very quiet as of late on my pet subject “collaborability”, unfortunately. The subject asks for a serious amount of prolonged and heightened concentration to get back into [...]

28 05, 2014

Tearing down the tower of Babel

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I have always wondered when the moment would come that I could pick up a phone and speak in my mother-tongue that would instantly translate into Mandarin Chinese while emulating my own voice and vice versa! Microsoft demoed a Skype call translating a conversation form German to English and back in real time.

26 02, 2014

Wolfram Language introduced by Stephen himself

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Wolfram language, as the engine/lanquage driving WolframAlpha, has become a very powerful coding environment indeed. It is not available yet but the introduction by Stephen Wolfram is mouth watering... I [...]

8 07, 2013

Interoperability is to tools as what collaborability is to humans (sort of)

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Wikipedia: “Interoperability is the ability of diverse systems and organizations to work together (inter-operate). While the term was initially defined for information technology or systems engineering services to allow for [...]

7 06, 2013

Destructing the tower of Babel

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Languages are key to collaborate. It is therefor listed as a "Collaborability Mechanism" in my collaborability model. The ability to speak/understand multiple languages is increasing the ability to collaborate. For [...]