11 06, 2013

Setting up Lightroom publishing service to Dropbox

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Publishing from LR to Dropbox I happen to be a happy amateur photographer since my schooldays. A separate blog could be filled easily on this topic alone by me. I [...]

4 03, 2013

Van zitten, naar staan, naar lopen achter je bureau

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Sinds 2011 sta ik als het even kan te werken achter mijn bureau. Het begon bij een klant die in hoogte verstelbare bureaus had en waar ik een opdracht deed [...]

1 03, 2013

“You could say that …” says everything about the speaker; nothing about the subject

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[Translation form original post 20 June 2013] How often can you hear someone make a statement that begins with "You could say that...."? Journalists are often guilty of this practice, [...]