15 03, 2015

The huge potential for fiat currencies based on block-chain

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The last few days I have been listening to keynotes attending a European payments congress in Vienna, Austria. Among many issues presented against the use of the bitcoin - and [...]

21 02, 2015

Uber and the future of Banks

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Every month ABNAmro organizes “Startup Friday” meetings. I have been attending several of these meet-ups lately. Two months ago it was about “Behavioral Biometrics” which led me to write a [...]

8 01, 2015

Behavioral biometrics will allow you in and – as a “bonus” – will keep you out

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We, being confined to our physical bodies, can only interact with the virtual world trough our devices. These devices are sensor laden and continuously registering our involuntary behavior in real [...]

7 01, 2015

From “occasional & intentional” to “continuous & passive” authentication

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(Part VI in a series on Behavioral Biometrics) We can witness a strong surge in the ability of our tools and devices and the software powering them to authenticate a [...]

6 01, 2015

Behavioral Biometrics: Blurring the line between Authentication and Identification

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(Part V in a series on Behavioral Biometrics.) In daily life the term “identification” is often used liberally when in a technical sense we are pointing at “authentication”. The main [...]

19 12, 2014

The sliding scale of physical and behavioral “fingerprints”

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(Part II in a series on behavioral biometrics) On the side of a little inquiry I am making at the moment into the developing concept of “identity in the digital [...]

15 12, 2014

Behavioral biometrics: “Is there still any place to hide?”

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(Part I in a series on behavioral biometrics) The various types of biometrics have been lingering above our networked societies as its continuous technological development promises secure, easy and cost [...]