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In a blog post I expressed my very first experiences with blogging:

I firmly believe nobody is helped with “sound bites “, not in politics, not in journalism, not in business. Reality is too complex for that. Not being modest, I want to write about thoughts and things too complex for 140 characters. This is a key aspect in my professional life, I am not following the fashions of the day, or use one-liner consultancy speak but try to get down to the core of the issues at hand to understand the under- lying complexities, dynamics and correlations Involved.

The best part of blogging is that it enables me to urge myself to elaborate on tidbits of thoughts I have while reading articles or interacting with others. I have several “theories” on the development of and the effects by the web-based economy that I want to explore. I dubbed this “Collaborability”. I hope some day I am able to put the pieces (posts) together to create a comprehensive idea on these developments.

I want to paraphrase Semler:

I have no specific goal or target with Red Planet Dust other then to just see where it brings me and hopefully my audience.

Often I update existing articles with new information, links or comments. The blog format and its timeline are obscuring these additions. I have been trying to befeat the blogs timeline since starting RPD. As I see RPD developing it becomes more of a cross over between a wiki type resource and a blog with articles referring to each other where relevant.

Red Planet Dust is written by Jan Willem Mars.

About me

From September 1999 I am working as a self employed business consultant. I conducted 50+ projects for a wide range of clients active in many industries. The last couple of years I have been heavily involved in electronic payments.

Before that I held various positions at Shell, Technische Unie and KPN Mobile. I have an MSc in business economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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I have chosen not to have comments available for individual posts. Reactions on Red Planet Dust, in general or in relation to a specific post or subject, are appreciated.

For contact information on Leika Consult BV I suggest you to look here.

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