5 Steps from collaboration to money and payments:

  1. Homo Collaborans: the essence of man is collaboration;
  2. The ability to collaborate (“collaborability”) is based on specialization;
  3. Specialization is based on exchange;
  4. Exchange is based on money;
  5. Money is exchanged by payments.

The development of money: From barter trade to Bitcoin:

  1. From barter trade to a reference commodity;
  2. From perishable reference commodity to gold as a reference commodity;
  3. From reference commodity to certificates;
  4. Drop the gold backing to get an immaterial reference commodity;
  5. From banknotes to digital money.

Money is one of mankind’s most important and far reaching conceptions to facilitate (implicit) collaboration. The development of our conception of money has been developing over time. Today we see technology and new concepts like Bitcoin that have an impact on currencies and payments rapidly proliferate. If the properties of money change it will have a major impact on our ability to collaborate.

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My bitcoin wallet address

Since early 2011 I have been very enthusiastic for the crypto-currency concept and I have been following bitcoin closely since. As a business developer and strategist who happens to do projects in payments crypto-currency like bitcoin is really interesting for it acts as a mirror for the payments industry. Bitcoin as the new extreme kid on the block allows me to investigate payments as a key “collaborability mechanism”. “Collaborability” being the main theme of Red Planet Dust.

I never intended to fully cover bitcoin, but in time I have created a bunch of posts which are among the most read on my blog with more then 25% of all pageviews, attracting readers from more then 50 countries world wide to date. Obviously “bitcoin” and crypto currency has become a sub-theme for RPD in its own right.

Unfortunately the blog’s time line structure does obscure relevant posts for visitors which could be interesting for them. I hope this landing-page can act as a central spot to navigate bitcoin on Red Planet Dust.

RPD Series on Crypto-Currency

At a certain moment in time I have set up a series of posts on the backgrounds of Crypto-Currency:

Articles from RPD

Schermafbeelding 2013-04-26 om 13.15.05Leika Consult released the first part of a paper on some of the intricacies of crypto-currencies, with bitcoin its most prominent example. This paper focuses on the basics: what is digital money? how does digital money fit into the evolution of currencies? What is “trust” about in a interconnected world? What is the role of money?

This paper is a rewrite of several blog posts (amongst them above list) on crypto-currency and related topics published here at Red Planet Dust between 1st March and 20th April 2013.

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