2 04, 2014

Value Chain Myopia: Payments’ 4 corner model

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As (value chain) models are simplistic representations of reality chances are not enough understanding is passed on. But misconceptions can be pretty harmful. Example: 4 corner model: banks created blind spot for changes in the value chains of their customers.

23 03, 2014

Value chain analysis: functions, roles and parties (case study)

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A value chain model does not show the real dynamics and tensions in the chain! The trick is to contemplate about the value chain from the functions and roles that are to be taken care off.

11 03, 2014

„Is technology governing us or are we governing technology?”

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„Is our political system capable of managing rapid technological change?” When pressed I would be tempted to answer the question with a resounding YES! for I see abundant evidence around me we have done so very successfully. Actually it is one of the core abilities we humans have to adapt to changing conditions.

17 04, 2013

Money and Payments are Essential Part of Human Collaboration

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With all the attention to money and payments related topics here at Red Planet Dust lately I feel inclined to explain how this fits in with the theme of this [...]