30 01, 2014

“Why was PayPal not invented in the EU?”

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A long time friend who had just returned from a business trip to the USA to discuss various business development opportunities on two sides of the big point. He was wondering why certain types of innovation are typically initiated in the USA and not in the EU (or ROW). He pointed at PayPal as an example. I think I understand where his question is coming from and at first glance would agree to the gut feel expressed with this question that the conditions in the EU for innovation especially in payments are less favourable. But once you start thinking about it various inroads are possible:

22 01, 2014

Contours of the “Utopia Wallet”

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(4 minutes reading time) Picking up the glove I threw in front of myself in my previous post on Clinkle to describe “the contours of the ultimate payment method” I [...]