19 02, 2015

“No regional integration effort sees cross-border payment as end goal”

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Leo Lipis, chief executive and Colin Adams, senior consultant both of Lipis Advisors discuss their research on the wide range of regional payments projects and the factors behind successful integration [...]

23 03, 2014

Value chain analysis: functions, roles and parties (case study)

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A value chain model does not show the real dynamics and tensions in the chain! The trick is to contemplate about the value chain from the functions and roles that are to be taken care off.

14 03, 2014

Bitcoin: „Look the emperor has no cloths!”

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...you could miss the major contribution of bitcoin as it presses us to reassess the way we have been doing things for years where all those little and some bigger inconveniences build into the current payment industry have to be discussed again and seen for the real merit they have.

30 01, 2014

“Why was PayPal not invented in the EU?”

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A long time friend who had just returned from a business trip to the USA to discuss various business development opportunities on two sides of the big point. He was wondering why certain types of innovation are typically initiated in the USA and not in the EU (or ROW). He pointed at PayPal as an example. I think I understand where his question is coming from and at first glance would agree to the gut feel expressed with this question that the conditions in the EU for innovation especially in payments are less favourable. But once you start thinking about it various inroads are possible:

16 01, 2014

MintChip/Bitcoin: no processor role between payer and payee

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(3 min. read) Yesterdays post dealt with MintChip, the new Canadian digital currency based on a secure element on a chip to make payments. The novelty of this scheme is [...]

14 01, 2014

What is “digital money”? Or what is money in the digital age?

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(4 min. read) FinExtra today covers the introduction of the MintChip in Canada: “Royal Canadian Mint demos digital currency.” Questions arise: why are we talking currency here? what is “digital [...]

31 05, 2013

Half-Baked SEPA CSM interoperability: next steps needed

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For those who are not initiated in SEPA or in CSM interoperability lets first dissect the title of this post. You can find a short synopsis here on: What is [...]

24 04, 2013

For most companies using “standardization” as a business strategy does not come natural

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The relevance, let alone the power of standardization is only understood by a limited degree - if at all - by most companies. Even companies that are totally dependent on [...]

19 04, 2013

Will the SEPA payments network become a distributed network ever?

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Yesterday, I attended a conference of EACHA, the European Association of Automatic Clearing Houses (in SEPA parlance CSM’s: Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms) in Berlin. This is a group of payments [...]

4 04, 2013

SEPA: a Missed Opportunity for True Payments Standardisation

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With February 2014 looming around the corner and many companies scrambling to get their act together to implement SEPA in time it might be regarded as to early to start [...]