Topical landing pages

As Red Planet Dust is a cross over of a blog and a resource several means are given to explore. As an additional means of exploration 6 landing pages have been compiled as to provide both navigation and introduction on key topics.


We as social creatures have always been dividing tasks – invoking specialization – amongst the members of the group. The ability to collaborate is in my eyes the essential characteristic of our human species (“Homo Sapiens”) and core to our success and the complexity of our society. I will be referring to Homo Collaborans (“the collaborating man”) in this regard. One of the main purposes of the Red Planet Dust Blog is to explore the various mechanisms of this collaboration. A comprehensive model has been constructed as to capture the various mechanisms.

The landing page will give you an overview of the basic thoughts behind collaborability and provide for reading suggestions. (Read more….)

Human Nature and Human Abilities

Human nature and our abilities are intertwined with collaborability. The view one has on our nature and our abilities is fundamental to both understanding and assessing the way we collaborate and how changes in e.g.our technological capabilities will have effect on our potential to collaborate (i.e. „collaborability”).

My statements on our nature and our abilities are scattered all over Red Planet Dust. I wondered if a consistent image would arise when I would collect my statements and bring them together in a topical landing page. (Read more….)

Strategy and Business Development

Many topics covered in RPD have relevance for my business, either as insight or as a means to investigate. Once in a while though I post on issues which are explaining my views on Strategy and Business Development the main field of attention for my Company Leika Consult.

My statements on Strategy and Business Development are scattered all over Red Planet Dust; find them collected in spot at this landing page. (Read more…)


Since early 2011 I have been very enthusiastic for the crypto-currency concept and I have been following bitcoin closely since. As a business developer and strategist who happens to do projects in payments crypto-currency like bitcoin is really interesting for it acts as a mirror for the payments industry. Bitcoin as the new extreme kid on the block allows me to investigate payments as a key “collaborability mechanism”. “Collaborability” being the main theme of Red Planet Dust.

I never intended to fully cover bitcoin, but in time I have created a bunch of posts which are among the most read on my blog. You can start exploring bitcoin coverage at RPD here. (Read more….)


Being involved with payments for over a decade I have had my fair share of SEPA as well. Since starting Red Planet Dust I have posted on SEPA several times. I never set out to cover SEPA, but felt inclined to comment at several moments in time. For your convenience I have summarized the more interesting posts, provide links to downloadable published articles in a topical landing page on SEPA.

As an addition a brief explanation on SEPA and payments processing is provided as well. (Read more…)